What Makes The Theory Preschools Curriculum Unique

A child’s lifelong love for learning starts in preschool. Tomorrow’s astronauts, senators, doctors, and chefs will get their start exploring science, history, reading, and more today. Theory’s preschool curriculum uses neuroscience to create an impactful program designed around the way children learn.

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The Science

Educational Neuroscience

Theory's preschool curriculum applies brain research to classroom practice. Also called “Mind, Brain, and Education,” Educational Neuroscience takes into consideration the development of our brains and at what stages our brains are capable of comprehending and grasping certain concepts. It's "an interdisciplinary approach [that] ensures recommendations for teaching practices have a foundation in solid scientific research" (Sousa, 2011).

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The Method

Circuit Theory Education

Circuit Theory Education is our proprietary approach to education, based in Educational Neuroscience, that divides learning experiences into separate but related events, thus creating a complete “circuit” of new information being presented to the learner. Events are divided into three distinct subject areas:

  • Blue: Reading, writing, listening, and speaking
  • Green: Science, social science, history, and math
  • Red: Visual arts, music, theater, and dance

A circuit is complete once a student has participated in all three events of the circuit. At Theory Preschools, our early learners complete one circuit every day they are in school. One circuit at Theory equals approximately three hours.

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The Application

Monthly Themed Course

Courses at Theory Preschools are month-long explorations into a subject matter. They are designed to excite the young students and expose them to ideas and content not typically taught during the preschool years. The content is designed to engage young learners and introduce them to the many wonders of the world they live in. Courses are delivered through Circuit Theory Education with teachers working through a variety of lesson formats best fitting the subject matter and individual needs of the students.

Examples of some of the engaging and exciting courses are:

  • Culture Shock: Authors, Inventors, and Music That Changed the World
  • The Evolution of Modern Transportation
  • Life During Medieval Times: Life, Castles, and Treasured Folklore
  • A Culinary Tour of the World

This innovative, exciting preschool curriculum and philosophy drives each Theory Preschools location. Want to learn more?