02 08 2023

Interested in Opening a Preschool? Now is the time to get started.

Maybe sometime over the last year you have considered opening a preschool, maybe you have even considered opening a preschool with Theory Preschool Franchises. We hope that sometime in the future we will have the opportunity to work with you, but for now we would just like to share some of our knowledge with you about…

05 16 2022

Surviving Economic Downturns in the Preschool Industry

More than ever people are looking for businesses that can survive the economic turmoil that our country has recently experienced. With COVID came the harsh reality that not every business is well-suited for times of economic distress and downturn. There are 3 main reasons that our schools were able to thrive throughout the pandemic: Our…

03 23 2022

Our Journey to American Made: Where to Find American Made Children’s Toys and Furniture

If you are like me, you are a proud American.  Your family stands for the National Anthem, opens doors for fellow Americans, and lends a helping hand to those in need. Why is it then, that when it comes to the clothing we wear and the products we use to furnish our homes, that we…

02 15 2022

Making Family Dinners Easy and Attainable

Back in the good-ol’ days when I was growing up, family dinners were something that happened EVERY night. It wasn’t just the four of us sitting on the sofa or at the counter eating whatever we wanted to eat, no. Family dinners were made by Mom and eaten at the TABLE, no exceptions. I suspect…

02 08 2022

How Your Little Ones Can Share Love this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to teach your little ones how to share the love with everyone in their life. Everyone deserves some love this season, from the neighbor down the street, to the grade school teacher, to others in your community. Here are FIVE ways to show love this Valentine’s Day. 1. One…

02 08 2022

5 Reasons You Should Buy a Preschool Franchise

If you are here, that means you have started looking into purchasing a franchise. Franchises are a great way to start a business. You get to open a business that is proven without having to go through all of the growing pains that a person would typically face when starting a business from the ground…

01 05 2022

Create a Preschool Environment Parents Love

Your school has never looked, felt, smelled, sounded or tasted better! One of the first lessons we learned when opening our corporate schools was the importance of how parents and other caregivers entering and exiting our school perceived what was happening in our school throughout the day. Although most parents only spend an average of…

03 08 2021

It’s Time to Trick a Leprechaun

My children have been making Leprechaun traps for years, and even though my two eldest are about at an age when this shouldn’t be deemed “cool,” they are still all in. Maybe it’s for the sake of my youngest… but regardless of age, this activity is just FUN. Luckily, St. Patrick’s Day is right around…

08 06 2020

We Have a Theory.

It all started because we had theory.  We had a theory that preschool could be done differently.  That was where it began, with a theory.  It is so fitting that now after over a decade in business we have trademarked that name, and continue to grow our business as this entity.  THEORY. We love this…

12 03 2019

The 4 Gift Rule: Another Way to Christmas.

By now most of us have heard about some version of the “4 Gift Rule” at Christmastime. They go something like this: Something you want. Something you need. Something to wear. Something to read. When I first came across these rules I was knee deep in a Christmas of too much. I promptly saved the…
Financing a franchise doesn't have to be scary with a team in your corner

08 01 2019

Financing a Franchise – Are You Prepared for the (Good) Surprises?

Taking the jump to finance a franchise can be a scary leap. Wondering if you’ll make a profit, if it’s worth the risk, or if you’ll ultimately succeed are daunting thoughts that often hold one back. However, with a franchise like Theory Preschools, making that jump can seem less terrifying. Are you prepared for these…
Starting your own preschool is simpler with a partner like Theory Preschools

07 02 2019

A Quick Guide to Starting a Preschool and How Theory Takes the Stress Off

Trying to start a preschool on your own can be a big task; overwhelmingly big if we’re being honest. But it doesn’t have to be! It’s a lot more than calling your living room a day care and hosting your BFF’s little ones a few days a week. In order to provide the best care…
work life balance with Theory preschools

05 30 2019

How A Preschool May Be The Answer To Work-Life Balance

How do you balance your work-life successfully without losing your footing? Read the steps below to get started. Creating a balance between work and life is one of the biggest challenges of owning your own business. But as more and more research shows the importance of making time for each, how do you make it…
Starting your own recession-proof business in child care can be as simple as one, two, three!

04 30 2019

Child Care: A Recession-Proof Business

Check out our firsthand, top three reasons child care is a recession-proof business from Theory Preschools.
Top 5 Reasons Franchises are Less Risky

03 29 2019

Five Reasons Startups Can Be Riskier Than a Franchise

Top 5 Reasons Franchises are Less Risky Starting your own business can come with many different risks, but when you choose to start a franchise many of those risks magically disappear. Sort of. Rather, starting a franchise comes with a built-in set of safety nets and support that alleviate many risks associated with startups. Of…
Theory Preschools Franchise Opportunities

02 28 2019

What does it take to buy a Franchise? It’s easier than you might think!

Have you considered getting involved in a franchise, but not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking for more freedom, a secure economic decision, or an endeavor that makes a difference in the world, you’re in the right place with Theory Preschools franchise opportunities. What are a few of the key…
Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

01 31 2018

Fun Indoor Activities for Kids on Rainy Days

Winter can be a gloomy time of the year for everyone with grey skies and frequent rainfall, which means a lot of time spent inside. When bad weather keeps your kiddos inside, it’s hard to keep them from going straight for the electronics. Here are some fun indoor activities to keep them entertained and their…
Learn how to be an effective advocate for your child.

01 31 2018

4 Ways To Advocate For Your Child At School

As you drop your child off for their first day of kindergarten, it can be overwhelming to watch them take this next little step towards independence. It’s important to remember, however, that you’re still the best advocate for your child. You want to make sure your child gets the best education possible. Here are four…