Facility Design

The perfect design for safely delivering the Theory Curriculum

The Theory® building is designed to safely deliver our curriculum and methods with simplicity and beauty. Stepping into a Theory Preschool® you will see incredible light-filled spaces, living plants in each classroom, and furnishings designed especially for Theory that move and flow with each unique learning experience.

Outside you will find a nature-based playground and classrooms for children to explore and for teachers to utilize throughout the day with the children in their care. We are the ONLY junior-sized, COVID-ready preschool franchise.

What does COVID-ready mean? Not only do we have small classrooms, small class sizes, and outdoor spaces for "forest school" days, but we also have integrated top-of-the-line air filtration systems, Skogluft plant systems, as well as other essential safety measures and protocols to maintain a clean and safe environment for our students and teachers. Our smaller building footprint allows for easier maintenance and better accountability in this COVID-world.

Theory Preschool Facade
Red Room Mood Board (1)
Blue Room Mood Board
Green Room Mood Board (1)

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