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Explore the only junior-sized, preschool franchise based in neuroscience.

Our small is the new BIG.

Small, Safe & Secure Facility Design

Our facility and playground design are cold & flu-season ready, making the safety of teachers and students a top priority.  Learn more.


Circuit Theory Method

An entirely NEW approach to learning where children experience connected "circuits" of information each day they are in school. Learn more.

Support & Training

With no limits on the amount of training and support, we make it clear that your success is paramount. Learn more.

Small, Safe & Secure Facility Design

The Theory® building is designed to safely deliver our curriculum and methods with simplicity and beauty.


Circuit Theory Method

At Theory Preschools®️ children experience a variety of subject matters throughout their day. This novelty feeds their minds in just the right way, allowing them to store & utilize new information. We call it Circuit Theory Education.™

Training & Support

Theory Preschools provides all the support and training you will need to grow your business, develop your management team and build a source of residual income that will support you through retirement. 


Our Programs

We have a variety of programs to choose from, to better accommodate each stage of growth. Check them out below and be sure to contact us with any questions you might have.


 With three different tiered levels: Beginner, Avid Learner, and Scholar, we have something for students of all developmental phases.

Jr. Preschool

Mirroring the preschool program with adjustments made specifically for 2 year-olds, including the addition of a potty training program.


Our infant program is based on the Attachment Parenting Philosophy where infants needs are met as soon as they arise.


Discovery Camp begins at the end of school year and runs for 10 weeks, each week addressing a different, exciting topic.