Fun Indoor Activities for Kids on Rainy Days

Winter can be a gloomy time of the year for everyone with grey skies and frequent rainfall, which means a lot of time spent inside. When bad weather keeps your kiddos inside, it’s hard to keep them from going straight for the electronics. Here are some fun indoor activities to keep them entertained and their minds engaged.

Marshmallow Architect

What better way to put marshmallows to good use? Grab a bag of marshmallows and some thin pretzel sticks, and see what kind of 3D models your kids can create! Perhaps a pretzel pal, a 3D house or tepee? Let their architect imagination run wild.

Marshmallow Indoor activities

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Family-Photo Bingo

Help improve your child’s memory and learn about their extended family. Take nine family photos and arrange them into rows of three. Grab 9 checker’s pieces to serve as bingo chips. When you call out “Daddy” or “Grandma”, your toddler covers the correct photo. Keep calling out names until they eventually get three in a row and yell “Bingo”!

Family Bingo Indoor activities

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Pirate Scavenger Hunt

Shiver me timbers! Embark your young pirates on a treasure hunt for gold and silver around the house. Take a bunch of wooden blocks and paint them silver and gold or wrap them in aluminum foil. Bury, a.k.a. (hide) the treasures around the house. Remember who you’re hiding for! Give out clues and challenge them to find the buried treasure.

Scavenger hunt indoor activity

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Sensory Bowl  

Sensory bowl is an indoor activity that’s fun to play and easy to get creative with. Grab a large kitchen bowl or bucket and fill it full of textured objects that your kids use on a daily basis — peeled grapes, cold spaghetti, toy cars, action figures, clothing…the list is endless! Blindfold your kids, and tell them to use their other senses to guess the objects. Have fun!

 Sensory bowl indoor activity

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Last but not least, is Bowlerama. Empty water bottles and a rubber ball are all you need to transform your living room hallway into a competitive bowling alley. 6 or 10 bottles should do the trick, depending on your child’s age. To make it more challenging, fill each of the plastic bottles with a little bit of water for extra weight. Before you hand over the rubber ball, remove any valuables from the area. Give a few demo tosses and then let the kids have at it!

Bowling Indoor activity    

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These indoor activities are great for keeping your kids active and their minds engaged! Make the next rainy day a fun day for your kids and yourself. Give these indoor activities a try and let your kid’s energy and imaginations run wild.    

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