Our Journey to American Made: Where to Find American Made Children’s Toys and Furniture

If you are like me, you are a proud American. 

Your family stands for the National Anthem, opens doors for fellow Americans, and lends a helping hand to those in need. Why is it then, that when it comes to the clothing we wear and the products we use to furnish our homes, that we are not more careful about where those products are made? Shouldn’t we do our best to buy American products as much as we are able? Shouldn’t we be part of a movement that rewards businesses for manufacturing right here in the United States?

As we begin to line up our furnishings for the interior of our preschool franchises, I am more aware than ever of the importance of purchasing American made products and goods. It is our goal that each piece of furniture, every hand towel and all toys that reside within a Theory Preschool be manufactured right here in the United States. As I began researching, I realized that this task was going to be harder than I thought. Sure, you can search for “American made children’s furniture” online and you will find a few companies, but when you are looking for a very specific style of furniture or manipulative, it starts to become a bit overwhelming. 

Luckily, I was able to find quite a few American makers whose products have just the feel we have been searching for. The products we found are not necessarily for preschools, but for infants and children up to the age of 6 years, so I thought that I would share with you my findings and you too can start your journey to American made.

Here are 4 of my favorite shops that I have discovered so far in my journey:

Milton and Goose Kitchen
  1. Milton and Goose: If you are looking for high quality tables, chairs and play kitchens, Milton and Goose may be just the place you are looking for.  dedication to creating modern children’s furniture with clean lines is evident as soon as you land on their page. While their prices are a bit higher than your run-on-the-mill, foreign-made counterparts, the materials they use combined with the beauty of their design makes the extra cost worth it. We cannot wait to set up a space with their play kitchens, tables and chairs in our preschool franchises.
  2. PalumbaCamdenRose:This is an Etsy shop that specializes in natural wooden toys and home goods. Their play kitchens, doll houses, building blocks, pretend play items and children’s furniture all receive consistent 5 star ratings like this one: “This kitchen is amazing! The craftsmanship is incredible, the wood is soft and smooth. I love the different types of wood used to add some variation and I love the oven rack and turning knobs/swiveling faucet. My daughter loves it too and it makes for a lovely display piece in our living room.” Go and see their beautiful craftsmanship for yourself! You will not be disappointed! 
  3. MamaTingsCreations: This is another Etsy shop that I simply adore. Mama Tings Creations specializes in felt pretend food for play kitchens. From fruit to breakfast items,  to cookies and even pie, there is a variety of fun and whimsical felt creations that will be a welcomed addition to any playspace. Although there is a limited amount of wares at Mama Tings, they are all so beautiful and full of life that we cannot wait to use them in our preschools. 
  4. My Little Songbird: This is an online store that began as an Etsy shop. In fact they still have their Etsy shop up and running. They have a variety of play gyms for infants and are in the process of releasing a larger collection for toddlers. All of their items are carefully made in beautiful, calming shades that will please any child (or parent!). They also have a lovely story on their website that goes into great detail about why they began their store and what continues to motivate them to create. When I first stumbled upon this shop in Etsy I instantly fell in love with their wooden clothing rack. It’s the perfect item to help children experience some independence at a young age and be successful at a task while doing so! This along with many of their items will find a home in our preschools soon. 
Palumba Camden Rose Dollhouse

It astounds me how much talent we have right here in the United States. You can find almost anything if you just take the time. 

And while I am still looking for more American made toys, furniture and textiles to bring into the design of our preschools, this list is a good starting point. I do hope that it may also help you in your journey to American made.

God Bless America ♡


Meghan Hamilton

Meghan is one of the founders of Theory Preschools. She loves sharing her vision of what learning can be with people around the globe. Learn more about Meghan, her team, and Theory by visiting https://www.theorypreschools.com/.